VEX Robotics

VEX is an exciting, fun robotics programme which engages children in Science, Technology, Engineering and maths (STEM). The sixth class in our school are taking part in the regional VEX Robotics competition. Last year we were lucky enough to qualify for the Munster final, so we are hoping to do just as well this year!

Designing and building a robot using the VEX kit and programming it, is one part of the competition. The drivers will then use the robot to compete with other schools in the VEX IQ challenge in January. The children are also creating and will present a STEM project centring on the theme of ‘Problems maths can solve’. They chose to do their project on the topic ‘Maths can help solve the problem of overcrowding in hospitals’.

The children are fundraising for the competition by creating and selling Christmas goody bags and they have already organised a school colour’s day. They will also design team t-shirts and a team mascot. The students are acquiring many skills such as project management, presentation skills, PR and much more.